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New stories

  • Thrill killer up for parole for 1973 Ohio State stabbing
    She woke up that morning, on the last day of her life, and tugged on a pair of pantyhose. She slipped into a green-and-white skirt and a blouse embroidered with her initials — BML — over her heart. She pressed her feet into a pair of leather loafers and climbed into her car. (The Columbus Dispatch, March 2014)
  • If name’s not sexy, judge might help
    Hundreds of people change their names in Licking and Franklin counties every year, but it’s rare to see a Sexy Crabtree. (The Columbus Dispatch, January 2014)
  • Dancing driver hams it up for DUI stop
    You’ve never seen such a joyous field sobriety test. Dale Bentley swiveled his pelvis. He kicked his legs in the air. He told a dirty story about a woman he’d just met in a bar. (The Columbus Dispatch, August 2013)
  • Arnold’s Bazaar
    Let’s begin with a disclaimer: The written word cannot do the Arnold Fitness Expo justice. Such an experience must be seen, heard, touched — and, yes, smelled — to be understood. (The Columbus Dispatch, March 2013)
  • Danger in the land | Toxic plume spreads under Newark; 8 families must leave
    Ever since she learned what was lurking beneath the soil, Heather Puryear has been afraid of her home. She put a filter on the kitchen faucet, let the tomatoes out back rot on the vine. She cries thinking about what her five children might have been exposed to since they moved into their Licking County house nearly two years ago. (The Columbus Dispatch, September 2012)
  • Hard life, brutal death: Dad torn up over his girl
    The last time he saw Celeste, she was behind the wheel of his truck, ignoring his demand to return the keys, shouting out the window in that booming voice of hers. Dad, I’ll be right back. (The Columbus Dispatch, September 2012)
  • Couple survive spate of bad luck
    If bad things come in threes, the tree crashing through a couple’s truck was like some kind of sick bonus. (The Columbus Dispatch, July 2012)
  • Volunteers photograph Ohio tombstones for easy online research
    He likes it out here because it’s quiet, serene, just him and 6,000 tombstones and a curious breeze that never sways the trees. (The Columbus Dispatch, July 2012)
  • Brotherly love saves man from hard time
    There was no Gary or Bruce, it was always Gary and Bruce. They were brothers, best friends, two guys whose kids were more like siblings than cousins. Their families were so tight that even the events of Jan. 1 couldn’t rip them apart.(The Columbus Dispatch, July 2012)
  • ‘Dangerous dog’ law has some biting back
    In the classic battle between dog and dog warden, the pooch emerged the victor this time. (The Columbus Dispatch, June 2012)
  • Abusive partners often won’t stay away
    Each time he banged on her door, she watched the daylight spill in through the corners. She’d seen him angry, plenty of times, but never in a rage like this. That door wasn’t going to hold. (The Columbus Dispatch, May 2012)
  • Clowns might weep over state of art
    It’s a tough time to be a clown.
    Pop culture has labeled you creepy. Something called the Insane Clown Posse has stolen your look. If a child’s not screaming in terror at your big red nose, there’s a chance his parent is. (The Columbus Dispatch, May 2012)
  • Coats of kindness
    The transformation was swift. Regina Williams left home to spend time with her grandkids and came back to find her house gleaming, the exterior slathered with two fresh coats of white paint. (The Columbus Dispatch, April 2012) **Here’s an update to this story.
  • Inmate gone
    The nursing-home resident was 53 years old, a big, bald guy with an injured leg and brain damage so severe he seemed drunk. He also was accused of attempted murder, but most people in town didn’t know about that. (The Columbus Dispatch, April 2012)

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