More DIY from Hell

This is the spiral staircase edition of DIY from Hell, and it begins with foolish optimism and ends in near divorce. Let’s start with some background. Here it is. Or, here it was. When I moved in with my husband, this is what remained of what I’m sure was once a glorious spiral staircase. This … More More DIY from Hell

Up close with a competitive eater

Back in my entertainment reporting days, I somehow landed on the absolutely disgusting competitive-eating beat. Cincinnati had embraced the sport, and it seemed as though every other restaurant was offering a gut-busting challenge: obscene burritos, exploding gyros, pizzas bigger than coffee tables, submarine sandwiches you could float in. Over time, I befriended the person who … More Up close with a competitive eater

Bureau life

OK, so it’s been awhile since I last posted, and I figured I’d show you why. Because I know you — and by you, I mean the four people who no doubt find my blog each day by Googling something obscene — care. Here, I present to you: Life Through the Eyes of a Bureau … More Bureau life