Bureau life

OK, so it’s been awhile since I last posted, and I figured I’d show you why. Because I know you — and by you, I mean the four people who no doubt find my blog each day by Googling something obscene — care.

Here, I present to you: Life Through the Eyes of a Bureau Reporter. Location: Newark, Ohio.

Morning. Here’s the door. Open the door. Smack self awake. Crank up the police scanner.

The Licking County Courthouse, AKA my second home, is right across the street.
It’s home to this courtroom, which is absolutely beautiful and totally freezing. I’m told a judge once dismissed a just-seated jury because he refused to work in the cold.
I wear this everywhere, even though people make fun of me. You get used to it. The mocking, not the badge.
This is an office building in Newark. I have no reason to post it other than the obvious.
And here I am on assignment in Zanesville, waiting for the infamous exotic animals to return. I so wanted to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” to that girl.
Back in the office. I find many fun artifacts here.
And this is my office art project. It’s either cool or college. Yes, I know which one it is.
I’m running out of photos, so here’s my drive home. When the view is like this, you can’t really complain about the commute.

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