Memories: The family with 16 kids

I came to know and love the Rosenow family in 2007, when I wrote about them for the Cincinnati Enquirer. They’re an incredible group of people, and they’re still growing. Since I wrote this story, they’ve adopted two more children with special needs and are in the process of adopting another little girl. Read more about their ministry here. A warning: You will be touched by their story.

Here’s the 2007 story I wrote:

Meet the Rosenows − all 18 of them
‘We don’t know how we were able to do this’

By Lori Kurtzman
The Cincinnati Enquirer

FAIRFIELD TWP. − Years ago, before life required three refrigerators, triple−bunk beds and four dozen eggs for breakfast, they were just Kathy and Scott.

He was her older brother’s best friend, the quiet, funny guy who seemed to know everything. She was the beautiful younger sister with the dark hair and the great laugh. They clicked. They married a week after her 18th birthday and left Alabama for Maryland, where Scott served in the Navy and Kathy studied to be a dental assistant.

Within four years, the kids started to arrive, Kristen first, then Erin two years later, then Allan. Ryan rounded out the brood four years later.

He would have been the last.

But then Kathy got this wild idea, and Scott eventually gave in.

Both of them sat on their couch nine years ago and watched that first adopted baby roll on the floor, marveling at what lay hidden inside a discarded child, slowly discovering that something lay hidden within them, too.

It all started there.

Continue reading here (a pdf will open).


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