The hike to end all hikes (perhaps literally)

For the past few days, I’ve been slightly obsessed with China’s Mt. Huashan — or, more specifically, all the pictures and videos from people who’ve braved the hike up the sacred mountain’s 7,070-foot-high South Peak. Here’s what captured my attention:

Every time I see this, I scream. (Image from

This path forces you to belly up to an unforgiving slab of rock, grab a chain and side-step across some narrow planks (the “Changkong Zhandao”) for 13 screaming-in-your-brain feet. You also get a few existence-threatening moments where you can only move by poking your toes into footholds carved into the mountain. And don’t get me started on the ladder. While you can clip a harness to the chains and decrease your chance of plunging to a violent death, I still say no thanks.

Here’s a video of some brave/crazy guy doing it. Makes my palms sweat every time.

Looks beautiful. I’m excited to check it out. On the internet. With my feet on solid ground. If you’ve done it, I’d love to see your pictures.


11 Replies to “The hike to end all hikes (perhaps literally)”

  1. I’ve hiked Angel’s Landing twice with about a two year gap in between. The first time was a bit nerve racking but not bad. You can’t see it in the photos but there is 4 or so foot long section of the trail that has 1,500 foot steep drop offs on both sides. This almost left me paralyzed with fear the first time. The second time through I barely noticed it was there. The chain sections that you do see in the photos have plenty of good footing and the ground is slanted in such a way that you really don’t need to use them in most places if you have good balance. The view from the top is heavenly and I highly recommend it.

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